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Hi, we're Rumneek Johal and Carol Eugene Park, the hosts of Decomplicated! Decomplicated is a podcast that reflects upon our lived experiences as women of colour and children of immigrants. With a little bit of humour, and a lot of vulnerability, we break today's biggest stories down.

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Decomplicated covers topical and trending daily news stories, and how they relate to marginalized communities, from the perspective of women BIPOC children of immigrants.

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Rumneek Johal

Host & Producer

Hi, I’m Rumneek Johal. Yes, with only two “E’s but I use three on my social media profiles because I’m extra. I’m co-host and producer of Decomplicated. I was born and raised in Surrey, BC, and am a child of Punjabi immigrants. I love the community I grew up in, and I love being Punjabi. I studied Communications and Business at Simon Fraser University, before doing my Masters of Journalism at UBC. I’ve previously worked at Daily Hive and CBC Toronto, and host a bi-weekly talk show for 5X Festival on YouTube called What’s the Vibe. In my free time, I love doing yoga, being by the water or in the forest, or complaining on Twitter.

I think I’m funny sometimes, but Carol vehemently disagrees.


Hi! I’m Carol Eugene Park, aka Eug to (close) friends, and Carol to everyone else (yes, that includes you). I’m the co-host and podcast/audio producer of Decomplicated. I was born in Seoul, Korea but I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and moved to Toronto for university. I call Toronto ‘home’ because I found myself and my people. At UofT, I graduated with a degree in English Lit and Renaissance Studies (I know, I’m an elitist).

But while writing for student newspapers, I realized I love non-fiction storytelling. So I hopped on a plane and moved to Vancouver for journalism school. Before Decomplicated, I worked for CBC Podcasts, The Tyee, Globe and Mail, and Global News—to name a few. I hate the rain. I miss the southern Ontario winters. I love podcasts but I love TikTok more… because I’m trying to stay relevant & cool, okay?! And, whenever I tweet, I give Rumneek hernias.


Eugene Park

Host & Producer

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