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About Decomplicated

Decomplicated makes better sense of the everyday headlines in Canadian media, so you don’t have to. We tell you why it’s trending and why you should care in a daily newsletter and podcast.

our team

Headshot of Rumneek Johal.

Carol Eugene Park


Carol Eugene Park is a host and lead producer of Decomplicated. She is an alumna of the UBC School of Journalism, where she earned her Master of Journalism degree. Before moving out west, Park completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, where she double majored in English and Renaissance Studies. Previously, she worked for CBC Podcasts, and learned a lot about the production of journalistic podcasts. She also wrote for The Tyee, The Globe and Mail, Global News, and more. When Park is not working, or catching up on her favourite podcasts, she likes to learn the latest Gen-Z lingo to stay relevant. And she loves her hot black coffee in the mornings. No cream. No milk. No sugar.

Headshot of Rumneek Johal.

Rumneek Johal


Rumneek Johal is host and lead producer of Decomplicated. She is a Punjabi-Canadian journalist who was born and raised in Surrey, BC. She has previously worked at Daily Hive Vancouver & CBC Toronto. She is also the Editor of 5X Press, a South Asian blog in partnership with 5X Festival. In her free time, Rumneek loves doing yoga, kickboxing, and being outdoors. According to her, she is just “a brown girl who runs on iced coffee and sarcasm.” She thinks she's funny on Twitter.

Headshot of Rumneek Johal.

McKenna Hadley-Burke


McKenna Hadley-Burke is the audio producer behind Decomplicated. She is currently working on obtaining a Masters of Journalism degree from UBC. While she was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, her roots remain in the American Midwest. Hadley-Burke studied audio documentary production at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Communications and Publishing at SFU. In her spare time, Hadley-Burke is usually listening to an investigative podcast series or lacing up for a run. 

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